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We have a LARGE selection of wood, laminate, engineered hardwood, waterproof, and vinyl plank flooring at wholesale prices. We're the best in VA Beach, No Joke!

Looking for affordable flooring in Virginia Beach, VA? Need Best Quality Floors, but Reasonably Priced? You’re in the right place! We carry a wide variety of hardwood and water-resistant flooring options to suite your needs and budget.

Our flooring company has been providing customers with quality flooring solutions for many years. We work with lots of local home builders exclusively and provide our residential customers with the same fantastic deals on all flooring and floor installation work

We serve customers all over the Hampton Roads area, but primarily work in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

No matter the size or complexity of your project, we will help you get the right floors.

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Most Popular Flooring Options

Below images are just some of the flooring options we have available. For specific floor names and sizes please contact us via form or give us a call.

Hardwood Flooring

One of the most popular types of flooring made of real wood. Hard wood is one of the best floors in the market and it simply doesn't get much better than the real thing. Please see below photos of some of the designs that we carry and usually have available in our warehouse.

Laminate Flooring

Even though it's not real wood, it's a super popular real wood alternative, that's made to look like wood and is also much more budget friendly. Laminate is used in lots of homes and commercial buildings all over the world, and isn't just popular in the United States.

Engineered Hardwood​

Engineered hardwood flooring is made of multiple layers of wood and this type of flooring is also very widespread in Virginia Beach. The cost is generally less that real wood but so is durability.

Waterproof Flooring (LVT & WPC)

Waterproof flooring mostly used for bathroom and kitchen areas, LVT and WPC are your go to waterproof floor choices. We carry lots of different designs and finishes, so make sure to check availability.

Some Of Our Completed Flooring Projects

Water Resistant Flooring With Moisture and Spills

When (and not if) any medium to large size spill happens, you’ll want to clean up and pat-dry the floor immediately to ensure that it is completely dry. However, you might miss a spot or not be there to clean up the mess immediately, which is why it may be easier to put in waterproof floors in the beginning. You may buy wood floors that are waterproof, but this kind of flooring can be more expensive. You’ll want to look into waterproof or water-resistant flooring options that are created from a material that repels, and so does not absorb, food and moisture. When you pour water on waterproof or water-resistant porcelain slab floor or laminate floor, the waterproof material will make the substance bead instead of becoming absorbed. If the fabric is entirely waterproof, then no harm is done, even if the room remains moist. 

If the flooring that’s installed at your place is indeed waterproof or water-resistant, still, this room’s floor might distort, bubble up or deteriorate if it isn’t all dried and cleaned up within a decent amount of time — or if the same area is exposed to large amounts of liquid and moisture quite often. Just remember that if you get water-resistant flooring, you’ll want to limit the amount of time any liquid touches the floor. The pressure and volume of the liquid matters. Just so long as you mop any water from the ground pretty quick, it won’t take time to absorb into the floor and change the substance underneath. Bottom line is that liquids won’t pass into the floor cracks as fast as it would with other floor types like untreated wood, which gives you more time to take care of the cleaning and drying.

What Some Of Our Customers Are Saying

Larry S.

VA Hardwood Flooring are the friggin best when it comes to wood or laminate floors. I've been searching for a particular pattern for ever and finally came across these guys, and they had it IN STOCK! hats of to yall, thanks and hope to do more business in the future.


Mia F.

Alina and Dan were very helpful when I was picking out floors for our new house. Got referred to them by a builder who uses them exclusively, and I now see why. Their prices are super competitive, compared to all the "big" stores.


Michael T.

Called up VA Hardwood Flooring for an estimate at my home in Virginia Beach. We were looking to replace the floors from carpet to hardwood and my personal experience with Danny was fantastic. They have so many choices and great prices, it's not even funny!


Let us take care of your Flooring needs! We are local and have a HUGE selection of different types of floors. We can come out to you or you’re welcome to visit our showroom and get a feel for all different types of floors.

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Other Hardwood Flooring Options

You might want to try installing the floor with a roll-on moisture surface barrier. You may also be thinking about installing laminate flooring, which is frequently labelled as water-resistant flooring. You’ll need to see what sub-materials were used to make the floor planks (kind of like a nutrition label for cereal), as this best portion of laminate tends to remain waterproof, but that creases between these planks make the whole thing susceptible to leakage.

Interested in alternatives to flooring like laminate? Be sure to confirm that it has a high layer that’s well moisture protected. The top-protected structure implies that water can be withstood by it for longer than usual times. This said, food still needs to be cleaned up quickly so it doesn’t permanently change the ground. When floors are water-resistant, it implies that there’s the added mechanism that keeps wet from seeping into the center for a specific amount of time. Water-resistance means that direct contact with fluid cannot result in damage, but that water will have to be wiped away before it will go past the obstacle. Flooring that is highly resistant to moisture and water damage is great for all sorts of reasons, but waterproof flooring might be even better if you need it and can afford the extra protection. If you have kids or pets, you’ll definitely want to consider both options to protect your home’s floors from the many accidents that occur.

 If you are an artist or you often work with messy materials, you might also want to consider waterproofing your flooring to prevent future spills from damaging your house. Preventing future damage is often less expensive and less effort than having to install new flooring entirely or repair damage. Consult with flooring experts in Virginia Beach for more information, and test out different samples to ensure that the quality is what you are hoping for.