Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered wooden floors are very popular and we have tons of options.

Interested in engineered wood flooring options for you home or company building? Looking for hardwood alternatives while maintaining quality and adding moisture resistance into the mix?

Then engineered flooring might be right for you. You see, the demand for this flooring type has been growing like crazy and not for no reason. Engineered floors can be a fantastic option for you.

Couple of the biggest advantages that people are looking for are moisture resistance and durability in wet conditions (not warping or bending from water exposure). If you’re looking for more info about this particular type of flooring be sure to call us or fill out our FREE estimate request form.

We work most of the Hampton Roads areas, but mostly Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Chesapeake VA. We can set up an in-house appointment where we come over and bring the flooring sample with us, or you’re welcome to visit the store, or BOTH.

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Whichever questions you might have regarding the flooring types you’re interested in, we’re happy to answer and tell you all there is to know about the manufacturing process and difference between all these different flooring types like waterproof vinyl planks and hardwood for example.

When it comes to quality engineered floors, nobody in the area can surpass us. We value quality just like you do, and we’re committed to bringing it to every one of our customers. We stand by our products and our work when it comes to installation.

engineered wood flooring

Many people we speak with think of engineered hardwood, as just a knock-off or discounted solid wood floor that never made it into production material. Where people get these ideas we’re not sure, but it’s far from the truth. There are actually advantages to having engineered wood floors instead of hardwood, especially in areas that are prone to short term spill, which pretty much means spills that get dried up within a couple of minutes and don’t sit on or under the surface for a very long period of time.

As you might already know, wood tends to soak up moisture and then expand, which is precisely what happens when an area where solid wood floor is installed gets flooded. As it soaks up moisture it simply warps and bends and will have to be replaced.

In the case with engineered wood, it’s not always like that and many experts consider them to be warp-less, but in reality it just depends on the length of time the it’s been exposed to water. Since it’s made of multiple layers of wood and plywood, the expansion is limited when affected by moisture, but with enough water exposure the floors will need to be replaced. After all, the most commonly used true waterproof flooring material is vinyl and there’s a good reason for that. If you’re looking for the right flooring advice, be sure to give us a call or fill out our free estimate request from.