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EXpress Flooring has been providing customers with quality flooring solutions for many years. We work with many home builders exclusively and provide our residential customers with the same great deals on all flooring supplies and installation work.

We serve customers all over the Hampton Roads area, but primarily work in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake and Norfolk.

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Most Popular Flooring Options

Below images are just some of the flooring options we have available. For specific floor names and sizes please contact us via form or give us a call.

Hardwood Flooring

Extremely popular type of flooring made of real wood. It doesn't get much better than the real thing.

Laminate Flooring

Popular real wood alternative, that's made to look like wood, is more budget friendly.

Engineered Hardwood​

Made of multiple layers of wood, this type of flooring is also very popular in the Hampton Roads area.

Waterproof Flooring (LVT & WPC)

Mostly used for bath and kitchen areas, LVT & WPC are your go to waterproof flooring choices.

In present’s commerce, “water-resistant flooring” and “waterproof flooring” are frequently used to mean the same thing- flooring that can withstand water. It seems that water-resistant implies that the flooring is able to withstand liquid spills, and waterproof means that it’s entirely, one hundred percent impervious to water.

That is to say, water-resistant room might include some elements that might be damaged or even distorted by substances like food or other liquids, especially if the floor is left wet. On the other hand,  if the waterproof room is created entirely of waterproof elements that can’t be damaged by food or other liquids,, this is a good sign for you as a homeowner. Your floor will be able to withstand liquid spills.

Fabric refers to the permanent substance, which means that liquids won’t be able to penetrate the floor, regardless of how much time goes by. For instance, waterproof floor may be installed in any way, but it’s more expensive than water-resistant floor. The water-resistant room refers to how flooring fabric protects flooring substrate from food infiltration. Some people think waterproof floors offer a better selection of flooring. The kind of flooring described above tends to be more expensive than water-resistant types, its important to consider though that this cost may be well worth it. Whether or not it is worth would heavily depend on WHERE it’s being placed. For example, kitchens are prone to water on floor, and what might happen over time is wood floors will begin to rise and finally break, causing serious damages. 

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Steven L.

They are on top of their game when it comes to all things flooring, I'm talking hardwood designs I haven't seen anywhere else and knowledge of the product and manufacturing processes... One word, professionals!


Mia F.

Alina and Dan were very helpful when I was picking out floors for our new house. Got referred to them by a builder who uses them exclusively, and I now see why. Their prices are super competitive, compared to all the "big" stores.


Michael T.

Dan came over to give me an estimate for several room in my house. On time, prepared and gave me a very good deal for the floors I REALLY wanted. Thanks a bunch and you bet I'll be back for more to redo the rest of the house.


Let us take care of your Flooring needs! We are local and have a HUGE selection of different types of floors. We can come out to you or you’re welcome to visit our showroom and get a feel for all different types of floors.

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The greatest examples of water-resistant flooring are the ones that have good water-resistant quality. If you’re not certain whether the floor brand is water-resistant/waterproof or not, chances exist that it’s not. If it is especially marketed and advertised as being so, it is likely waterproof, but it is best to check. What are the greatest brands of waterproof or water-resistant vinyl flooring on this industry? We encourage you to visit our flooring store in Virginia Beach, VA to see what’s latest and greatest, or check out your options online.

Additionally, water-resistant flooring is particularly treated to be stain-resistant, scuff- repellent and dent-resistant, so it stands up to the elements and all sorts of damage. You might search for a one-stop flooring shop in Virginia Beach that provides a huge range (at one million square feet) of every kind of residential flooring possible — including all sorts of fabric and water-resistant options for your home. Plus, these flooring stores can provide the full variety of installation services, so all you have to do is select the flooring and let them take care of everything else. While water-resistant flooring can’t survive massive spills, flooding, or a lot of liquid pressure, it holds up well to smaller, infrequent spills. Most flooring choices are designed to withstand small accidents, like food or liquid spills that are cleaned up rapidly, even on hardwood. Since hardwood just has the high finish that resists food, it is not the best choice for regions of the family that are expected to get wet. When you are searching for something that is liquid tolerant, laminate flooring is usually the best choice.

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